Hi, I’m Georgie. A Bali-based freelance travel copywriter.

I’m big on words. Maybe I can help you with yours.                                                                    

I wear zero hats in real life but plenty of hats online. Scroll down to see how I can help you with your website copy, blog post or social caption.

First and foremost I’m a travel writer and copywriter…

…now mostly specialising in Southeast Asia but previously spanning everything from hard news journalism to commercial copywriting and scriptwriting.

When I’m not writing, I love playing around on Adobe Photoshop (I was the weird kid who requested photo manipulation software for her ninth birthday), solo travelling my way around the world and scuba diving. Not usually all at the same time.

I started my career as a journalist for some of the UK’s biggest news publications before moving into branded content. After spending a couple of years plotting my escape building up my skills, I finally launched my freelance career and fled to a (mostly) warmer climate on the other side of the world.

I offer a wide range of editorial and commercial travel content, built up from years of experience working with a huge range of international household brands.

And now I work with brands like yours! Convenient, huh? Here’s what I do:

Landing pages, branded content, web copy, sales & ad copy, scriptwriting, advertorials, product descriptions, sales funnels, blog posts. And anything-else-where-words-can-sell. Know what you’re after? Click one of the buttons below. Not sure exactly but just need a little (or lot of!) copy help? Contact me!

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