Hi, I’m Georgie. I’m a freelance copywriter and writing consultant based between London and Bali.

I’m big on words. Maybe I can help you with yours.                                                                    

I wear zero hats in real life but plenty of hats online. Scroll to see how I can help you with your web copy, product descriptions, top-of-Google blog posts or (insert other copy-related task you’re struggling with here).

First and foremost I’m a freelance writer and copywriter…

…now mostly specialising in travel and fashion/beauty but previously spanning everything from hard news journalism to commercial copywriting and scriptwriting.

When I’m not writing, you can find me over at Sleepover Creative: my boutique digital marketing agency, which helps to grow independent hotel brands through copywriting, content writing and social media marketing.

I started my career as a journalist for some of the UK’s biggest news publications before moving into branded content. After spending a couple of years plotting my escape building up my skills, I finally launched my freelance career and fled to a (mostly) warmer climate on the other side of the world.

I offer a wide range of editorial and commercial travel content, built up from years of experience working with a huge range of international household brands.

“We’ve worked closely with Georgie for two years and she’s been one of our top-performing editors, consistently delivering high-quality content that generates organic traffic and performs well with our audience. Georgie’s open and proactive communication style makes it a breeze to work with her remotely and across time zones too.” – Florine Eppe Beauloye, editor of Luxe.Digital

Landing pages, branded content, web copy, sales & ad copy, scriptwriting, advertorials, product descriptions, sales funnels, blog posts. And anything-else-where-words-can-sell. Know what you’re after? Click one of the buttons below. Not sure exactly but just need a little (or lot of!) copy help? Contact me!

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