‘Only God Can Judge Me’ has never been so significant

I recently (very recently – about 20 minutes ago in fact) read an article on The Independent about a correlation between tattoos and anger levels. Apparently, tattoos are usually held by angrier people, and the more tattoos you have, the angrier a person you are.

I would like to politely call bullshit on this.

I would also like to verify whether or not the guy doing the research on this ‘study’ – a Mr Viren Swami – has any tattoos. His photos on Google images would suggest not, although who’s to say he doesn’t have a secret butterfly on his shoulder or ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ running along his upper arms. We’ll likely never know. What I do think can be found (purely as a correlation, like this study itself) is that the majority of people questioning the point behind tattoos are those without. You never see tattooed people frowning upon untattooed people for their choices, so why should it be the other way round?

Admittedly there are a huge number of terrible tattoos in the world (partially my opinion, partially just pure fact) but many tattoos are significant, meaningful and admirable to people. Mine was a somewhat spontaneous decision but I’d known where and what I wanted to get tattooed for a few years before I caved in and got it permanently inked on my skin.

The idea that people with more tattoos are angrier is (ironically) utterly hilarious. How does this work then? Maybe the cat scratch pain of getting a loved one’s favourite flower tattooed onto your calf is enough to antagonise your Amyglada and increase your anger levels twofold. Maybe it’s the other way round – the general (tattooed) public are getting angrier – does that suggest why more and more people are getting tattooed nowadays?

If this was really the case then why do most tattoo artists (usually completely covered themselves) seem to usually be the most chilled out, accepting people around?

The only logic I can see behind the results of this study are a terribly weak correlation. The study measured ‘verbal anger’ for one of its tests – how do you ‘test’ verbal anger in a clinical setting without antagonising people in the first place?

I only got my tattoo a few months ago and I do not consider myself any angrier a person since I’ve had it done.

All this has taught me is that maybe I should think twice before getting my second tattoo – wouldn’t want a matching two inch sun on my other ankle to suddenly make me fly off the rails all the time.

Published by Georgie

I’m a branded content editor, freelance writer (NCTJ, BJTC, PPA) and digital marketing manager currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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