Looking to grow your own writing business?

Ask me anything.

As well as writing for brands and publications, I offer copywriting/early writing career consultancy.

Pick my brain for 30 minutes or an hour on anything to do with writing as a career:

How do I find high paying clients as a copywriter?

How do I get started writing professionally?

How do I decide which niche to choose? Or even whether to stick to a niche or keep it broad?

How do I open conversations with existing clients to increase my rate/change my workload/re-establish my boundaries?

And more! After growing my writing business from scratch and almost tripling my previous full-time London editor’s salary in two and a half years, I love nothing more than helping other people to charge their worth and work on their own schedule with a lifestyle that suits them.

Prices start at USD $75 for 30 minutes or $125 per hour.

Ready to get started?

I take payment via Stripe and, once paid, you can book our chat via my online calendar.

Got a question or want to double check I’m the right person to speak to first? Drop me a message below!

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