Including blog posts, copywriting, branded content, website pages, sales & ad copy, scriptwriting and more

As a travel writer and ex-news and features journalist, words are what I do best. I’ve written extensively on topics ranging from Europe’s quirkiest hostels to London Fashion Week and the best bottles of gin for every occasion to international politics and drug use in prisons.

I’ve worked as a branded content editor and copywriter for household brands including the ones pictured below. I know how to craft content that converts, no matter whether it’s for an event, product or service.


I’ve freelanced for a range of agencies, publications and coaches to boost their sales and come up with descriptive and persuasive ad copy. From re-writing landing pages, “about me” and product descriptions to crafting social media video scripts, I’ll always jump at a new opportunity to expand my portfolio.

I’ve also written and edited YouTube scripts for channels with more than 10 million subscribers. My team of writers and I covered a huge range of topics from travel to science to celebrity gossip and everything in between.

Rates vary depending on topic, level of research required and time frame. Please contact me for more information.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest

Looking for witty captions or attention-grabbing graphics? After spending, in my opinion, far longer than the average person comfortably should on their phone, I’ve become something of an expert when it comes to social media. Of course, this is all backed up by professional experience for a multitude of companies.

I can offer:

  • Instagram graphics for posts and/or stories 
  • Instagram captions for posts and/or stories 
  • Facebook and Twitter header images 
  • Pinterest Pin design

Please contact me for more information.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

While I don’t often show off about my iPhone screen time (external hobbies, anyone? …no?) , it comes in handy when offering this service. Need someone to reply to comments, follow new people in your niche and otherwise engage with your audience? I can do all of the above so that you can focus on other elements of your business.

I offer social media scheduling for all of the above platforms on a monthly retainer basis. Please contact me for more information and rates.

As well as offering all of the above on a standalone basis, I also offer creative Virtual Assistance combining writing with social media content and management. I specialise in travel and lifestyle companies and offer an hourly rate or a few different retainer packages. My rates start at £40p/h.

Please contact me for more information.

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