Legalising cocaine and heroin ‘would boost the economy’

(Originally published at Yahoo News) Legalising cocaine and heroin would boost the economy by reducing violence and murder rates, according to new research. The war on drugs fuels turf wars, gang violence and harms wages and skills, researchers have found. Subsequent violence then affects a country’s financial growth without harming the drugs industry itself. An analysis ofContinue reading “Legalising cocaine and heroin ‘would boost the economy’”

Why Denmark’s approach to drugs is far more successful than ours

(Originally published on The Student Situation) Back in the 1950s, heroin was a drug used by a few dozen people, primarily doctors, and usually those of a middle class status. Fast-forward 30 years, and the UK was filled with thousands of teenagers and twenty something year olds injecting the drug more frequently. The stigma ofContinue reading “Why Denmark’s approach to drugs is far more successful than ours”