Legalising cocaine and heroin ‘would boost the economy’

(Originally published at Yahoo News) Legalising cocaine and heroin would boost the economy by reducing violence and murder rates, according to new research. The war on drugs fuels turf wars, gang violence and harms wages and skills, researchers have found. Subsequent violence then affects a country’s financial growth without harming the drugs industry itself. An analysis ofContinue reading “Legalising cocaine and heroin ‘would boost the economy’”

Hard to swallow? The future of the contraceptive pill

The alarm beeps, and you grab your phone and silence it. Reaching into your bag, you pull out the brightly coloured sheet of pills, and, glass of water in hand; swallow the correct day’s dosage. For thousands of women, this is a daily occurrence. Once prescribed purely for contraception, the pill has grown in popularityContinue reading “Hard to swallow? The future of the contraceptive pill”

‘Only God Can Judge Me’ has never been so significant

I recently (very recently – about 20 minutes ago in fact) read an article on The Independent about a correlation between tattoos and anger levels. Apparently, tattoos are usually held by angrier people, and the more tattoos you have, the angrier a person you are. I would like to politely call bullshit on this. I would alsoContinue reading “‘Only God Can Judge Me’ has never been so significant”